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is our smallest stand alone CO2 laser . Perfect for small sized business, engraving or prototyping. Equipped with the best quality components, the SP-6004 can cut and engrave at high speeds with high-resolution. 

A full colour display allows you to see and interact with the machine and your designs while they are being processed via the live feedback feature of the machine.


Spark laser machines use a simple user friendly software that support all your familiar CAD programs. Supporting a wide range of Vector files and Raster files. The software is capable of processing images and drawings for engraving or cutting.

The software allows you to communicate with the laser cutter by controlling aspects like speed, power and position of the machine. It also features a live preview function that simulates the machine current state on the display so you can always be aware of the position of the laser head in reference to the machines zero point. 

There are many useful features embedded within the software that make it unique and user friendly, like the preview function that estimates time, distance and even active laser light  time of every design!

You are more than welcome to request a demo version of the software to test.


Working Area 600mm x 400 mm
Laser Power 60W - 100W
Cooling Type Water Cooling
Resolution 1500DPI
Locating Accuracy ≤+0.1mm
Max Speed 450 mm/sec
Compatible Formats RLD .DXF .JPEG .TIFF....
Drive System High-precision 3-phase Stepper Motor
Working Environment Temperature:0-45C,Humidity 5-95%
Aplicable Materials Wood, Glass, Plastic, Garments, Paper, Leather, Metals, Stone
Power Requirements Single Phase 110V / 220V 10A/5A
Machine Size 1280 mm x 1040 mm x 1100 mm
Weight 400kG
Gross Power 1300 W



The Spark laser head is CNC milled out of a solid peace of aluminum tailor made for our machines. The unit is built with a vertical double linear bearing system to minimize vibrations while the laser head is moving in order to achieve higher cutting and engraving speeds. 



The combination of machined parts and premium steel guide rails give the machine the ability to move smoothly with incredible precision. Equipped with proximity sensors and state of the art mechanisms to give the best precision, speed and reliability possible.



Over Heating Protection & Safety Sensors: 

Every Spark laser machine comes with built in heat sensors and water circulation sensors in order to reduce the risk of accidents and machine failures. Additionally our machines come with contact sensors that stop the machine from firing the laser if the machine is left with the door open. Preventing eye injuries and fire hazards. 

Auto Focus

The auto focusing mechanism automates the procedure of focusing the distance between the material and the laser nozzle. This feature not only expedites the process of loading the machine, it also always keep the material in use, in perfect distance for optimal cutting or engraving. 

Continuous Focus

With the spark auto focus system you can engrave or cut odd shaped objects by changing the focusing height of every process using the LaserWorks software. 

LCD Display & Control

The integrated full colour LCD display and controls that comes with Spark laser cutters allows for easy manipulation of the machine for manual control over movement in X,Y and Z directions, focusing, beam pulsing, adjustments, pause, file storage and much more. Additionally the LCD allows for real time presentation of where the laser head is throughout the operation. 

Laser Source

Every Spark machine is equipped with the highest standard laser bulbs available in the market. Our laser tubes have been vigorously tested and documented to make sure they can deliver a continuous and powerful laser beam for the maximum amount of time possible. 



In order to protect the machine from accidental shock damage, every stepper motor is equipped with a slip clutch mechanism that protects the motors from experiencing a sudden shock that could damage their functionality. 



The anodized aluminum mirror brackets allow the machine to move with minimal resistance which means faster speeds and better precision. Additionally the mirrors are fully adjustable and replaceable for easy maintenance and cleaning. 



All Spark laser machines come with 3 months of SparkWarranty and 1 year manufacturer warranty. SparkWarranty covers every aspect of the machines, we guarantee your machine being in peak condition for you to use. Manufacturer warranty is also processed through spark and additional extended SparkWarranty is available.

Our machines come with everything required accessory to get our customers started and working, that includes training and initial calibration by the Spark team. When you buy a machine from Spark, you join the Spark family, and we will always make sure you are happy with your purchase.



included components 


Industrial water cooler with built-in compressor, temperature sensors and a smart control board that optimally manages the temperature of the Laser tube.  


The air assist pump is an integral part of generating clean cuts and smooth engravings. The continuous air flow directed to the tip of the laser cutter nozzle reduces flames and heat concentration. 


Powerful 1/HP fan that extracts the fumes from inside the machine. 




Rotary attachments allows for the engraving of cylindrical objects. Installing and removing the rotary attachment is as simple procedure that can be done in a few short seconds.  


Honeycomb table is useful for cutting small components with very little back burn from the reflection of the beam. The unique design of the table allows most of the laser light to pass without reflecting and scarring the back of the material.


Auto focus modification will motorize the z-axis of the laser cutter in order to allow the machine to automatically adjust the focus of your machine with respect to the material being machined. 

*Note: this component is standard in some models. 

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