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Financing from as low as $195 monthly

Own your own machine from as low as $195 per month.

100% Financing

Spark Leasing provides total financing with no down payment. Hardware, software and services can be financed, enabling you to walk out the door with a “total” solution.

Conserve valuable working capital

Equipment purchased with cash depletes your working capital. Lease financing with Spark allows that working capital to be used more effectively for other purposes.

Avoid obsolescence

To paraphrase an old axiom, “Revenues are generated by the use, not the ownership of assets.” Spark leasing allows you to use the equipment that you need over the term in which that equipment will be useful to you. Spark leasing allows you all the benefits of ownership without the risk of being committed to obsolete technology.

Acquire ease of budgeting and inflation protection

Spark Leasing provides an alternative source of financing. This allows you to acquire the equipment that you need without limiting your ability to finance inventories or greater short-term needs. The growth potential of your business will benefit from using Spark leasing as an additional source of capital.

Enjoy ease of acquisition

Spark Leasing provides you with the convinience of one-stop shopping. Once you select the equipment, you then decide on the payment terms that best fit your budget.

Benefit from self-financing

Lease payments are often made with revenues generated or savings realized through the utilization of the leased equipment. As a result, working with Spark leasing enables you to achieve a “profit” on the new equipment from the first month of usage.

Tax advantages

Due to accounting and tax treatment of leases, an Spark lease may provide some tax-timing benefits to your business. The savings involved will vary depending on the type of equipment, lease terms and your marginal tax bracket. Generally, lease payments can be treated as a operating expenses rather than capital expenditures, whereby providing full and immediate deductibility. You should refer to your accountant for advice on the potential savings.


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