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  • How loud is the machine?
    Laser cutters produce very little sound themselves, the only sound that is generated from the machine is the movement of the motors. The exhaust fan is the only component that generates noticeable sound which is similar to a household vacuum.
  • What file formats are supported by the machine software?
    The software supports a large variety of vector and bitmap files including most standard forms. Vector format:dxf, ai, plt, dst, dsb…etc. Bitmap format:bmp,jpg,gif,png,mng,…etc.
  • Toggle Are laser cutters / engraves hazardous? What are the safety precautions?
    Laser cutter/engravers are considered to be low risk machinery if the proper safety measures are taken and respected. The laser beam generated from the laser tube can cause damage to the eye. However the beam poses no risk if the machine door is closed and the user wears safety goggles. Additionally, users should ventilate the smoke generated by cutting or engraving with the machine. Some materials such as PVC and certain types of Kevlar produce toxic gasses and should never be used.
  • How hard is it to learn to operate a laser cutter?
    Laser cutters are very simple to use. With some simple training anyone can learn to operate a laser cutter for business or hobby. We provide all our customers with the basic training they need to get started and we are always available to answer your questions.
  • What is SparkWarranty?
    SparkWarranty is a warranty that is offered by SparkLaser. The SparkWarranty covers all the aspects of your machine and guarantees the machine for a specific period of time in parallel with the manufacturer warranty.
  • How do laser cutters work?
    Laser cutters work by using a laser source such as a sealed CO2 bulb that generates a beam. The beam gets directed to a nozzle that focuses the energy to single point. This allows the laser to cut material.
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